Rely on Us for Excellent Mold Inspection Services

The Problem

  • Mold contamination can cause health issues including respiratory problems, allergies, eye, nose and throat irritations.
  • Indoor mold contamination in your home may be undetected until symptoms appear.
  • The truth is, every home has some mold within the structure. The key is knowing if your levels are high or if the mold presents a problem affecting your structure, health, and over-all air quality.
  • There are company's who make a living on scaring people and creating mold problems that never exist. Beware of any company offering "Free Mold Inspections".

The Solution

AirBasics residential mold testing and inspection services are a diagnostic assessment of indoor conditions related to mold. We utilize only the latest methods, and technology to ensure accurate and truthful results. AirBasics mold testing and inspections will document problems, diagnose causes and provide written protocols detailing measures necessary to correct the issues.

AirBasics Mold Testing services include:

  • Visual inspection to detect if mold is present and document extent of mold growth.
  • Air and surface sampling to identify what types of mold are present.
  • Measurement of concentrations of particles and mold spores in the air.
  • Moisture measurements to determine if moisture is present in building materials.
  • Independent laboratory analysis of samples taken
  • An AirBasics report identifying any mold related issues, the laboratory results and a detailed remediation protocol will be sent within 3 business days.